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Ngo Cho Kun


Ngo Cho Kun
Burinkan Dojo
Lineage Diagram

Russ Smith began his Ngo Cho Kun training in 2006 by studing in the Ngo Cho Kun lineage of Chee Kim Thong. Russ ultimately changed focus to instead learn the orthodox Chua Giok Beng lineage passed down from the Philippine Beng Kiam association to the International Beng Hong Association, lead by Sifu Mark Wiley.







Prior to his training in Beng Hong Ngo Cho Kun, Russ had the opportunity to also learn from the following instructors (in rough chronological order):

  • Sifu Nigel Poulton - Chee Kim Thong Ngo Cho Kun (Now Kong Han)
  • Sifu John Graham - Chee Kim Thong Ngo Cho Kun
  • Sifu Eric Ling - Sancheen Do (Taizuquan), Kan Teck Guan Ngo Cho Kun


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