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Pak Mei Kuen


Pak Mei Kuen
"White Eyebrow Style"
Pak Mei Kuen is a Hakka (客家) martial art from Southern China, created by Cheung Lai Chuen (張禮泉) as a synthesis and expansion of his training in four styles:
  • Wanderer / Gypsy style (流民派),
  • Li Family style (李派),
  • Dragon style (龍形), and
  • the White Eyebrow style (白眉).

The style is an aggressive, short to medium-range system that specializes in shock (scared, sudden) power, called Geing Jak Ging (驚扎勁), and shares a focus on the four primary principles of "Float", "Sink", "Swallow", and "Spit" with other Southern Chinese arts like Five Ancestor and White Crane styles.

Pak Mei is a right-hand dominant style, specializing in simultaneous attack/defense, that also includes a wide variety of Southern weapons (staff, crutches, tiger fork, butterfly swords, etc).












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