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Okinawan Kobudo


Okinawan Kobudo is taught in a manner very similar to Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate. Classes typically begin with warmups (Junbi Undo), proceed to fundamental techniques (Kihon Waza), and then move on to prearranged forms (Kata) and two-person fighting practice (Kumite).

There are fundamental techniques, forms, and fighting practices for all the weapons in the system:

  • Bo (staff)
  • Sai (truncheon)
  • Tonfa (side-handle baton)
  • Nunchaku (small thresher)
  • Nunti-Bo (gaff)
  • Eku (paddle)
  • Kuwa (hoe)
  • Kama (sickle)
  • Tinbei (short sword & shield)
  • Sansetsu-kon (three-section staff)
  • Suruchin (weighted rope / bola)
  • Jo (short staff)
  • Kuruman-bo (large thresher)
  • Cho-gama (staff-sickle)
  • Tekko (knuckle-dusters)
  • Tecchu (sharpened palm stick)

Available are seven kata for Bo, three for Sai, five for Tonfa, two for Nunti-bo, two for Kama, three for Sansetsukon, and one for each remaining weapon. Proficiency with Bo, Sai, and Tonfa are necessary to achieve Shodan (first-degree black-belt).










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