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Okinawan Goju-Ryu


Junbi Undo (準備運動) - "Preparatory Training"

Preparatory Training helps to warm up, stretch, and strengthen the body.

Hojo Undo (補助運動) - "Auxillary Training"

Auxillary Training encompasses solo training, both with and without implements.

Kigu Undo (器具運動) - "Training with implements"

Kihon Waza (基本技) - "Foundational Techniques"

Tenshin (転身) - "Body Rotation"

Also known as Ido

Kata (型) - "Forms"

Forms are long, pre-arranged sequences of solo movements handed down as part of the tradition. They can be thought of as a catalog of the movements and reminders of the application concepts of the style.

Kata no Bunkai (型の分解) - "Kata Analysis"

Analysis of the forms are performed in order to extract and practice the useful combinations and tactics contained within them.

Kumite (組手) - "Meeting of Hands"

Various forms of pre-arranged and free-form sparring and other paired work.

Kakie (掛合) - "Hooking Hands"

A strong indicator of Goju-ryu's Southern Chinese Kung-fu heritage, this form of "sticky hands" is very similar to those practiced in Crane Boxing, Five Ancestor Boxing, and other Fujian martial arts.

Kotekitae (小手鍛) - "Forearm Training"

The development of strong forearms ("bridges") is of extreme importance to short-range combat arts.


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