The Burinkan Dojo (武林館道場)


About the Burinkan

Empty-Hand Arts:

  Okinawan Karate

  Fujian Kung Fu

  Hakka Kung Fu

Weapon Arts:

  Okinawan Kobudo

  Integrated Eskrima



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Welcome to the website for the Burinkan Dojo

If you're in the central Florida region, not interested in training in a school designed for children, and not looking for martial sport (MMA), you might want to read more.

At the Burinkan dojo, you can study one of several martial arts in a small, "old-school", hands-on, atmosphere where each student is taught at their own pace.

Certifications available for those interested.

Hands-on classes are led by a 30+ year instructor trained, tested, and certified by many master-level teachers in Okinawa, Japan, Malaysia, and across the USA.

Only serious, stable, mature people need apply. Email with information about yourself, and please be sure to indicate how you meet these criteria. See About/Contact Us for our email address.

If you introduce yourself I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.





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